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Laboratoire IEMN– UMR 8520
Avenue Henri Poincaré
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Stefano Barbieri received his PhD in Physics in 2000 at Scuola Normale Superiore (Pisa, Italy) In 2000, he joined as a Research Scientist Orbisphere SA (Geneva, Switzerland), where he focused on the development of gas-sensing systems based on laser photo-acoustic spectroscopy. In 2002, he joined TeraView Ltd. (Cambridge, UK) where he coordinated an R&D activity focused on THz QCLs in collaboration with the Cavendish Laboratory, of Cambridge University of Cambridge. In 2004, he was awarded a three year Industry-fellowship from the Royal Society aimed at promoting technology transfer between industry and academic institutions. In December 2005, he was recruited by CNRS in France. From 2005 to 2016 he has been in charge of THz research at the MPQ Laboratory at the University of Paris Diderot (Paris, France). He is presently a member of the THz-Photonics group at IEMN (Lille, France).

Current research interests

–    THz quantum cascade lasers: microwave modulation, active mode-locking and stabilisation
–    Electro-optic and photoconductive sampling of THz and sub-mm coherent sources
–    Development of ultrafast mid-infrared detectors
–    Stabilisation and frequency noise of quantum-cascade-laser pumped THz gas lasers

Six most recent selected publications

[1] M. Hakl, Q. Lin, S. Lepillet, M. Billet, J-F.Lampin, S. Pirotta, R. Colombelli, W. J. Wan, J. C. Cao, H. Li, E. Peytavit, and S. Barbieri, Ultrafast quantum well photodetectors operating at 10mm with flat frequency response up to 70GHz at room temperature, ACS Photon. 8, 464 (2021)
[2] Y. Zhao, Z. Li, K. Zhou, X. Liao, W. Guan, W. Wan, S. Yang, J. C. Cao, D. Xu, S. Barbieri, and H Li, Active Stabilization of Terahertz Semiconductor Dual-Comb Laser Sources Employing a Phase Locking Technique Laser Photon. Rev. 2000498 (2021)
[3] J-F. Lampin, A. Pagies, G. Santarelli, J. Hessler, W. Hansel, R. Holtzwarth, and S. Barbieri, Quantum cascade laser-pumped terahertz molecular lasers: frequency noise and phase-locking using a 1560nm frequency comb, Opt. Expr. 28, 2091 (2020)
Kliebisch, D. C. Heinecke, S. Barbieri, G. Santarelli, H. Li, C. Sirtori, and T. Dekorsy, Unambiguous real-time terahertz frequency metrology using dual 10 GHz femtosecond frequency combs, Optica 5 ,1431 (2018)
[5] Belacel, Y. Todorov, S. Barbieri, D. Gacemi, I. Favero, and C. Sirtori Optomechanical THz detection with single meta-atom resonator, Nature Comm. 8, 1578 (2017)
[6] A Mottaghizadeh, D. Gacemi, P. Laffaille, H. Li, M. Amanti, C. Sirtori, G. Santarelli, W. Hansel, R.   Holzwart, L. H. Li, E. H. Linfield, and S. Barbieri 5ps-long terahertz pulses from an active-mode locked quantum cascade laser, Optica 4, 170 (2016)