Master ISIS (Image and Sound Systems Engineering)

Pedagogical Manager: François-Xavier Coudoux

This master's degree prepares students for executive and engineering positions in the audiovisual, telecommunications and interactive media sectors. The curriculum integrates teaching on signals and systems (compression, digital video transmissions), computing (programming and networks) and audiovisual (production, postproduction and broadcasting techniques in order to master the global image and sound chain).

It is therefore a versatile training that combines theoretical and practical teachings (speakers and professional equipment) with many professional situations through technical projects (multicams, TV broadcast, ...).

The ISIS Master is closely linked to the research activities of the COMNUM group at IEMN.

A complete training program in audio-visual of international renown

The DREAM (Development Research Teaching in Audiovisual and Multimedia) audiovisual field is 40 years old! It is a scientific and technical, both digital and electronic training that is in high demand to train for audiovisual and digital media jobs in the broadcast (TV), multimedia and creative industries.