Master TMR (Transport, Mobilities, Networks) Embedded Systems Engineering and Mobile Communications (ISECOM) path.

Education Manager: Iyad Daoub:

Develop high-level skills in the field of embedded systems and digital communications (mobile telephony, wired and wireless networks, indoor and outdoor broadband communication, satellite link, ...) with a strong focus on transportation-related applications. The links are close with the regional ecosystem of land transport.

Ce parcours de recherche établit une filiation naturelle avec les activités de recherche du groupe COMNUM (Communications numériques) de l’IEMN.

The IEMN is associated with the CNRS Transports Terrestres et Mobilité (TTM) Research Federation on projects with three other UMRs. The Federation, the result of collaborative research initiated with the CISIT program 2007-2014, is supported by the Polytechnic University of Valenciennes, the University of Lille and Centrale Lille.

Note: the ELSAT2020 collaborative project around the major issues of tomorrow in Transport and Ecomobility.

Around the "Transportation" R&D pipeline, initiated in the 2000s and linked to regional industry, a whole network of players has developed, with a number of business areas at its core:

- the Technopôle Transalley, which brings together companies, researchers and operators, is located in the extension of the Valenciennes campus and has 1000m2 of test platforms that are hosted by the Cisit (Campus International sur

Safety and Intermodality in Transport) which is a program led by the university to bring together research in Hauts-de-France.

the pôle I-Trans is located on the Technopôle, which mounts and labels collaborative projects in transportation with the IRT Railenium (Technological Research Institute) which, in turn, creates a synergy betweenthe research centers,the companies and the network managers. This cluster has thus brought together since 2005 the main actors in industry, research and training in the field of transport systems and logistics for guided rail and automotive and intelligent transport services, to bring about innovative solutions.