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- Thesis titleDevelopment of 200 GHz - 700 GHz automated 3D antenna radiation pattern measurement setup in order to enable innovative THz links for ultra-high speed wireless datacoms.

- PhD Starting date: 02/13/2017

- Thesis topic Thanks to the increase of cut-off frequencies of active devices integrated in both CMOS (28 nm FDSOI) and BiCMOS (55 nm) technologies, Si-based mmW and THz wireless ICs have been hot topics during the past years. Moreover, photonics based techniques are also emerging for THz signals generation (creating some opportunities to leverage on Si Photonics). The objective is here to develop innovative 100 Gb/s wireless links capable to address 5G challenges. But to fully leverage the availability of high performances Si-based mmW/THz ICs, it will also be necessary to develop associated cost-effective packaging and antenna solutions. To do so, a dedicated characterization setup is mandatory in order to be able to evaluate and benchmark various technology options.