Quyang LIN

Laboratoire IEMN – UMR 8520
Avenue Henri Poincaré
+33 (0)3 20 19 78 65


–    Thesis title. Plasmonic antennas applied to intersubband transitions in semiconductor heterostructures

–    PhD Starting date. 01/02/2018

   Thesis topic. Plasmonic antennas are widely used to concentrate electromagnetic radiation on a sub-wavelength scale. In my PhD thesis I investigate the possibility to exploit this property to couple mid-infrared radiation in the ~5-10mm range to intersubband transitions in III-V semiconductors structures of sub-mm dimensions. The main goal is to design, fabricate, and characterize original antenna concepts that will allow extreme sub-wavelength confinements for applications ranging from the generation of THz radiation (photomixing and non-linear optics) to mid-IR detection.