We use either sputtering or thermal evaporation for metals and for some specific dielectrics depositions. We can deal with magnetic materials, thermoelectric materials, photovoltaics, dielectrics, metals or organic layers.

Expertises and know-how

Five evaporation machines either by electron beam (2 Plassys MEB 550S, 1 MECA 2000) or by joule effect (Plassys Meb 450S, Aprimvide) deal with more than 3000 depositions per year on a wide range of materials (metals, dielectrics, magnetic layers): Au, Ti, Ge, Al, Pt, Ni, Mo, Cr, Pd, Ag, In, Ca, organic layers…. Deposition options include planetary rotation and holder for four 4’’ substrates.

Six sputtering process chambers for substrates up to 4”. Two Alliance concept DP650 with cold or heated substrate holders for sputtering of Au, Al, Ti, Cr, W, Cu, TiN, TiNi, TiW, Ni, TiC,… One Leybold Z550 is specific for magnetic layers deposition such as TbFe2, TbCo2, TbFeCo, FeCo, Fe, Co, CoPt, FePt, Ta, Cr… We have a fully automated sputtering cluster (Alliance concept CT 200) with 3 chambers and 14 targets, for the realization of complex structures without vaccum break and cross-contamination. It is used for single or multi-layer processes, reactive sputtering, co-sputtering in 3 fields: magnetic multilayers/metals, alloys for energy (AlN, ZnO, MgO, ITO, LiPON) and thermoelectric materials (Boron Carbides).

Contact Us: Isabelle Roch Jeune

Personnel: Marc Dewitte, Annie Fattorini, Isabelle Roch Jeune