The laser lithography is done with a Dilase 650 machine (Kloé).

The laser source with a wavelength of 375 nm allows writing with most optical resins on any type of substrate (mask blank, semiconductor, glass, polymer, crystal, flexible film...). The samples can go from a few mm² to 4 inches. The minimum pattern resolution is slightly less than a micron.

Expertise and know-how: some highlights

- Prototyping, non-contact writing and no optical mask, useful for developing processes before making an optical mask.

CMNF lithographie
  1. SPR220 2µm sur silicium (équipe CSAM)


- High aspect ratios, the laser's depth of field allows for high aspect ratios, useful for example for microchannels

CMNF lithographie

2. 1µm wide cross, AZ15nXT 8µm resin on silicon

- Grayscale, the ability to vary the power received by the resin allows for 3D structuring of the resin during development

Litho Laser 2D

3. 1µm steps every 100µm with 4µm of SPR220 resin on silicon


Expertise and know-how: other

– Ecriture sur substrats souples

– Ecriture sur échantillons fortement structurés

– …