The electron lithography area is equipped with 2 EBPG 5000plus (100kV) electronic maskers with automatic 10-position airlock, which allow resolutions of the order of 10nm. The size of the samples can go from a few mm² to 4 inches. With more than 2000 writings per year on a wide range of applications, the team benefits from a real expertise thanks to a capitalization of the feedback. The involvement of researchers in the implementation of the resource aims to better share the expertise acquired in the field for over 20 years and to optimize its use for each field of application.

Expertise and know-how: some highlights

- High resolution and writing speed.

Realization of dense arrays of nanoplots by ultra-fast writing methods (Dots On The Fly or Sequential). In addition to its very high writing speed (factor 80) the sequential method can offer a smoothing of the contours.

1. Nanoplots of 10-15nm gold spaced 50nm apart on silicon, after lift-off, made by sequential method [Ref]

- Optical resins used in electronics

The use of optical resins in e-beam offers a better dry etch resistance and a high aspect ratio for very deep etches up to 100µm in silicon.

2. UV210 used in ebeam: 500nm lines spaced at 500nm.

- Three-layer process

The use of selectively developed tri-layers of resin makes it possible to obtain the profiles necessary for the realization of T-grids.

3. Three-layer process, after development and after litf-off (inset)

Expertise and know-how: other

– Dilution des résines

– Concentration de résines par distillation de solvants pour les utiliser en e-beam

– Utilisation de polymères conducteurs permettant l’écoulement des charges sur matériaux isolants