With 10 plasma etching reactors (ICP-RIE, RIE, DRIE, IBE) and 2 dry chemical etching reactors (HF vapor and XeF2) the Engraving resource represents a very large pool of equipment within the Micro Nano Fabrication facility. Wet chemical etching of many materials is also practiced there. The expertise of the resource extends to the etching of various families of materials: Si, III-V, insulators (SixNy, SiO2), various alloys (PZT, TiN, VN) and metals (Au, Pt). An important part of the activity is dedicated to the deep etching of Si for the realization of MEMS components, microstructures for energy storage and optoelectronic components.

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PersonnelChristiane Legrand, Arnaud Pageau, Isabelle Roch Jeune, Garrett Curley, Dmitri Yarekha

Mots clés:  plasma, gravure sèche, procédé Bosch, cryogénie, gravure chimique, ICP-RIE, RIBE…