Project ANR-20-CE42-0009


Wireless and Integrated multi-parameters SAW Sensors Technologies for Implementation of a digital TWIN for electrical machines.

The WISSTITWIN project aims at the development of an integrated network of smart sensors within an electrical machine, that will constantly stream data in order to update the numerical model of the electrical machine, known as its ‘digital twin’. Therefore, it is highly desirable to have access to a numerical model that is constantly updated through physical multi-parameters measurements provided by a network of sensors integrated in the real machine. For this purpose, we need reliable sensors that are compatible with an integration in low space and harsh environments, along with a reliable communication for data streaming. Thus, the project will exploit the combination of advanced functional materials and Surface Acoustic Wave technology to elaborate multiphysics sensors (temperature, strain, magnetic field…) with performances adapted to these constraints. A demonstrator of an electrical machine with several distributed sensors for temperature, stress, and magnetic field will be developed, along with its digital twin.
The WISSTITWIN partnership involves a large company JEUMONT ELECTRIC (high-tech company specialized in energy conversion solutions) as end users, and one small size industrial partner, JMH-Conception France, and three academic laboratories IEMN, IJL and L2EP. The WISSTITWIN project is led by IEMN and each partner brings specific competencies to tackle the multi-physical instrumentation of electrical machines with an objective to implement efficient model for electrical machine digital TWIN.

The main technological or characterization means that will be necessary to carry out the project:
The project will rely heavily on IEMN's technical platforms: Micro/Nano Manufacturing, Advanced Communication Systems, Electromagnetic Compatibility and Characterization. And on Centrale Lille's technological resources: the FabLab and the Act & Sense platform.

Flagship projects concerned:  IoT Make Sense


Institut d’Electronique, de Microélectronique et de Nanotechnologie, IEMN

Coordinateur : Abdelkrim Talbi,

→ Matériaux
→ Capteurs
→ Communications et Intégration

Dispositifs de conversion d’énergie :

→ Monitoring
→ Caractérisation des matériaux
→ Modélisation multi-physiques
→  Jumeau numérique : vers diagnostic avancé

Solutions de conversion d’énergie à Maintenance prédictive
Cahier des charges pour Capteurs et Intégration

→ machine électrique de forte puissance
→ variateur de vitesse
→ auxiliaires

Bureau d’étude d’ingénierie électronique et mécatronique

→ Prototypage rapide,
→ Electronique de conditionnement