ANR-22-CE09-0018 project


HgTe nanocrystals a new platform for THz optoelectronics
• Started in February 2023
• Duration : 4 ans

The QuickTera project will investigate the properties of THz absorbing nanocrystals (NCs). While semiconductor NCs have been extensively studied in the visible and near InfraRed (IR) range, they remain mostly unexplored in the far-IR (THz) range even though they also offer interesting properties such as spectral tunability, strong light absorption, easy processing and transferability, and possibly topological states. The project spans from material synthesis to photonic integration of the material, including a deep investigation of the electronic structure through experimental and theoretical methods.

Figure reproduced from

Mercury Chalcogenide Quantum Dots: Material Perspective for DeviceIntegration, C. Gréboval et al, Chem. Rev. 121, 3627 (2021)


Laboratoire de Physique de l’Ecole Normale Supérieure

Group of Juliette Mangeney

Institut des NanoSciences de Paris

Group of Emmanuel Lhuillier

Institut d’Electronique, de Microélectronique et de Nanotechnologie, IEMN

Group: Photonique THz, Jean-François Lampin & Group: Physique, Christophe Delerue