Congratulations to Léa Rosselle, doctoral student at the IEMN, in the NanoBioInterfaces group, who won 2nd place out of 12 candidates in the regional final of Ma Thèse in 180 seconds!

Her thesis topic, directed by Sabine Szunerits, focuses on Transdermal Delivery of On-Demand Drugs for the Treatment of Chronic Wound Infections.

The MT180, organized each year by the CPU (Conference of University Presidents) and the CNRS, rewards 3 PhD students. The organization differs this year because of the health situation. Following a pre-selection in March, the event, which had been postponed, took place behind closed doors in front of 6 members of the jury. There will not be a national final in Paris, however, this year’s winners could compete again next year for the final.

Léa: « I really wanted to take part in this contest. It was a challenge for me who is generally not comfortable speaking. I also wanted to be able to explain my thesis topic to a non-scientific audience, which is another challenge.
But above all, it was a way to have fun writing a text that a doctoral student does not have the opportunity to write during his thesis. You ask yourself a lot of questions during the preparation: is it scientific enough? Precise enough? Understandable enough?
I am very honored to have this award and very proud that the jury appreciated my text and my performance.
In addition to the oral and popularization skills, I think that the prize gives doctoral students a visibility that they sometimes lack ».

See Léa’s video made by the university