Discover Zymoptiq : Revolution in enzyme assay

Spin-off of CNRS, Zymoptiq offers an innovative enzymatic assay solution based on 2 patents. Co-founded by Alexis Vlandas, a CNRS researcher, and Philippe Pebay, Zymoptiq targets industrial users of enzymes. Zymoptiq’s vision is based on constant innovation to address industrial enzymatic applications across various sectors.

Explore their website to discover how Zymoptiq combines scientific expertise and innovative vision to implement a new enzymatic assay method. Housed at IEMN for just over 3 years, the company recently moved into new offices, marking a crucial milestone in its development.

The evolution of a startup is littered with significant milestones, and one of the turning points is undoubtedly the move to its own premises. This represents much more than a simple change of address; it’s a crucial step in the company’s growth and maturation.

Zymoptiq has maintained strong links with the IEMN, as it retains part of its offices there and uses the technology platforms for the production of its cleanroom sensors. The move to the new premises was much more than a simple relocation. It has strengthened the cohesion of an already passionate team, offering a dedicated space conducive to innovation and creativity.

This expansion was marked by the successful launch of the Xylanase VLA (Very Low Activity) sensor in November 2023. Xylanase VLA offers Feed manufacturers a simplified, faster and more efficient method of assessing Recovery Rate. The latter, crucial in the Feed industry, guarantees the actual amount of Xylanase after the granulation process. This process, although essential in the preparation of feed rations for livestock, can damage the enzymes incorporated. These enzymes play a crucial role in increasing the digestibility of ingredients, underlining the vital importance of Recovery Rate control.

Zymoptiq embodies the essence of innovation, combining scientific expertise and industrial knowledge to solve critical industry challenges. Stay tuned for Zymoptiq’s next advances, as they continue to redefine enzyme dosing standards.