Seminar Prof. Ludger WIRTZ

Optical and vibrational properties of MoS2
Ludger WIRTZ
Physics and Materials Science research unit, University of Luxembourg
26/11/2013 à 11h00 – Salle du Conseil – IEMN

Following the hype on graphene, other layered materials are recently achieving a lot of attention.
One of them is molybdenum disulfide. Contrary to graphene, MoS2 has a band-gap of about 2 eV
and might thus be a suitable candidate for electronics and optics applications. I will give an
overview over the properties of the material and summarize the ongoing debate on the mobility of
the material. I will also present our own recent work on the phonon dispersion of of bulk and fewlayer
MoS2, where the origin of the anomalous Davydov splitting is still not ultimately clarified.
Furthermore, I will discuss the influence of excitonic effects and spin-orbit splitting on the optical
properties of MoS2.