Séminaire Beatriz Garcia Vasallo

Mme Beatriz Garcia Vasallo
Assistant-Professor at University of Salamanca
Le 01/07/2013 à 15h30, salle du conseil

« Monte Carlo model for design and optimization of advanced semiconductor devices »

Numerical simulations and theoretical models are particularly helpful when original design strategies of semiconductor devices are explored. When FETs are scaled down and/or high mobility semiconductors are used, electron transport becomes quasi-ballistic, and the most adequate numerical technique is the Monte Carlo model. We have developed a Monte Carlo simulator for the optimization of the transistors from a physical point of view, taking as a basis the knowledge of the internal microscopic processes. It accounts for ballistic and non-stationary transport, impact ionization and multiplication effects, and can predict the static, dynamic and noise behavior of the devices. Details and possibilities of our Monte Carlo approach will be presented at the seminar.