Renatech Prize 2015

The price RENATECH will be awarded for outstanding work in the field of micro-nanotechnologies carried out as part of a doctoral thesis.

Candidates must have defended their thesis in the two years preceding the JNTE conference (i.e. thesis defended in 2013 or 2014 for the JNTE 2015). The thesis work must have been carried out in a French academic or industrial laboratory, with possible collaboration with foreign partners.

The application must follow a specific model (download here) :

- A maximum 3-page summary including:

  • a brief presentation of the thesis,
  • a detailed description of the development of the micro-nanofabrication methods used,
    highlighting their originality and added value,
  • a list of publications.

- A letter from the thesis supervisor or a close colleague to support its application for the RENATECH prize.

This complete application must be sent to
by e-mail to
before midnight on 5 May 2015.

Applications will be examined by a panel of experts, who will be primarily interested in the importance and originality of the technological developments made and their impact on micro-nanofabrication. The evaluation will not focus on the scientific results obtained from the device manufactured, but on the technological advances and/or their impact(s) on the community.

The winner will be announced at the end of June 2015. He or she will receive a certificate and an electronic tablet and will be invited to present his or her work as a guest speaker at a session of the JNTE-2015 symposium to be held from 18 to 20 November 2015 at Ecole Centrale de Lyon.