Sabine Szunerits, Professor of Chemistry at the University of Lille, is appointed Senior Member
of the Institut Universitaire de France

Sabine Szunerits (IEMN's NanoBioInterfaces group) is nominated for the Fundamental Chair in the theme " Development of point of care testing concepts using graphene based field effect transistors » ("Care testing concepts using graphene-based field effect transistors").

This is the 2nd consecutive IUF prize for the laboratory in the senior category! Indeed, Christophe Lethien was awarded in 2021 in the Innovation category for his work on miniaturised energy storage.

The The IUF status which takes effect from 1 October 2022 will provide Sabine with a functioning research for five years, including financial resources of €15,000 and a teaching release of 2/3 of the annual quota. To further more research in the future !

Read the portrait of Sabine Szunerits published on the website