Solid-source molecular beam epitaxy

The solid source molecular beam epitaxy chamber RIBER 21 TM has been delivered in 2004.

  • Available elements : solid arsenic (valved-cracker Riber VAC 500), solid phosphorus (valved-cracker Riber KPC 250), solid antimony (valved-cracker Veeco RB 200), gallium, aluminium, indium, silicon, carbon (CBr4 injector) and tellurium (GaTe source)
  • Rheed 15 KeV Staib type 15S, together with image recording capabilities and intensity oscillation measurements
  • Residual gas analyser: quad Hiden HALO 201 LC
  • Main pump : ionic pump 400 l/s
  • Secundary pump : CTI cryogenic pump
  • Liquid nitrogen continuous flow line Vacuum Barrier


Bâti d'épitaxie à sources gazeuses