Electron beam lithography


At IEMN, electron beam lithography (EBL) is a core technology. We have been using EBL from 1984 and we presently have two lithography tools, a VISTEC EBPG5000Plus and a VISTEC EBP5000PlusES. The ES system has been installed at the end of 2006 giving the possibility to researchers to carry out their own exposure tasks and to increase their expertise in the applications of EBL to their research topics



  • High Resolution Gaussian Beam System
  • Thermal Field Emission Gun
  • 50MHz  Pattern Generator
  • Interferometer stage, 0.6 nm positioning accuracy
  • Acceleration voltage: 20 kV, 50 kV or 100 kV
  • Automatic 10 positions airlock
  • Holders for 2” to 4” wafers , 3” to 5”masks and smaller piece parts
  • Overlay and stitching better than 30 nm


Nanomasqueur LEICA EBPG 5000Plus


  • Same as above except:
  • 20MHz  Pattern Generator
  • Automatic 2 positions airlock



Nanomasqueur VISTEC EBPG 5000Plus ES