Non linear characterization

In order to perform this characterization, several specific test benches have been developed in this microwave center on nano devices and mainly on AsGa, GaN, InP HEMT devices. These measurements could be carried out for different modes :
► Continuous wave mode (CW).
► Excitation more complex such as Multi-tones excitation.
► A passive loadpull test bench using an automatic tuner operating in the frequency range of 6 to 50GHz.
► A manual passive loadpull test bench operating with probes around 60 and 94GHz.
► An active loadpull test benches in the frequencies ranges 6-18GHz and 26-40GHz.
► An active loadpull non linear network analyzer in the frequency range 600MHz to 20GHz.
For input signals which are more complex such as multi tone signals, a passive load pull test bench using an automatic tuner associated to a spectrum analyzer has been developed working up to 40GHz in order to perform Noise Power Ratio (NPR), Inter Modulation Ratio (IMR) and Adjacent Channel Power Ratio (ACPR) characterization.



Caractérisation non linéaire