Its expertise

More than 15 years, several experiments and experimental techniques have been developed within this characterization center over a wide frequency range, from DC to THz and for a wide temperature range from 4.7K to 600K. These mains experiments and experimental techniques could be summarized in these six following topics :

Ses compétences

  • DC and microwave small signal measurements.
  •  Low noise characterization.
  •  Non linear characterization.
  •  Characterization over a wide temperature range.
  •  THz characterization.
  •  Electromechanical characterization of MEMs.

This expertise applies to on a wide range of microwave components such as passive devices, antennas and MEMs, and also active devices e.g. HBT (InP), HEMT (AsGa, GaN, InP), AsGa metamorphic HEMT, Si MOSFET, in addition to this some devices which are more complex integrating some functionalities (MMICs, amplifier for low noise or power applications, fast sampling applications etc.)

Moreover, its expertise in ultra-high frequency device characterization is internationally recognized and allows an important role in the joint laboratories between the IEMN and several industrial firms such as THALES and ST Microelectronics and also foreign research institutes.