Postdoc : Nanoscience Characterization Center

ExCELSiOR – Nanoscience Characterization Center

Object: 18 months Position of Postdoc

Key words: Technology Process, MEMS/NEMS, EM and Mechanical simulations (COMSOL)


In the framework of a new large project (EQUIPEX ExCELSiOR-NCC), IEMN will create a new characterization platform for nanosciences gathering a large set of new experimental instruments operating at the interface between nano-microscopy and high frequency measurement tools. One of them, not commercially available, will be built from a high resolution MEB set-up equipped with AFM head and two nano-manipulators. This new instrument will be dedicated both for the study of structural behaviours and high frequency electrical mechanisms of nanodevices such as semiconducting nanowires, carbon nanotubes as well as other 1D and 2D materials with high dynamic properties.


For the high frequency aspect, a new class of micrometer/nanometer size high frequency probes, not exiting today, have to be designed and fabricated. These probes will be realized using the technological facilities of IEMN ( within the expertise of research group in the fields of MEMS fabrication and high frequency design. The recruited research engineer will have in responsibility the fabrication of these probes and the optimization of the process flow.


Candidate profile:

This position is dedicated for a young doctor who is familiar with clean room facilities. Some knowledge on MEMS/NEMS fabrication flow or other micrometer / nanometer devices will be appreciated as well as knowledge of multi-physics (mechanical and EM) simulation tools (COMSOL…).


Position availability:

January 2013



Please send your CV and motivations by email to


Prof. Gilles DAMBRINE, Deputy Director of IEMN and coordinator of ExCELSiOR project.


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