The INFORISM (INgénierie de FORmations Innovantes et Stratégiques en Microélectronique) project, led by GIP-CNFM (Coordination Nationale pour la Formation en Microélectronique et nanotechnologies), a network to which the CNFM cluster in Lille (PLFM) and IEMN actively contribute, is one of the winners.

The Electronics Sector, its Strategic Committee and its EDEC (Commitment to development and skills) have identified a shortfall in the number of graduates in France in the field of micro-nanoelectronics. Numerous shortage jobs requiring new skills for the future concern all levels of training (operator, technician, engineer, doctor). As a result, over the next 5 years and beyond, we need to focus our efforts on training, including knowledge and know-how, in order to train 18,000 more people, whether through initial training, continuing education or retraining.

In this context, on Friday June 16, 2023, at the Viva Technologies trade show and as part of the support for the challenge of digital sovereignty championed by the President of the Republic, 9 new winning projects from France 2030’s « Skills and professions of the future » call for expressions of interest were unveiled by the Prime Minister, for a total state subsidy of 71 million euros.

INFORISM is designed to meet the needs of a strategy to accelerate training, whether initial, continuing, work-study or even retraining, through an innovative approach tailored to this field of electronics, which is at the heart of all current societal developments: digital technology and the 4.0 industrial revolution, including artificial intelligence and quantum technologies, energy and environmental management, with their consequences for health, safety and mobility. The original approach focuses on both content and teaching methodology.

6 actions are structured into thematic platforms:

  • Digital security, industrial evaluation and testing, and electromagnetic compatibility,
  • Advanced technological processes for manufacturing components and circuits,
  • Renewable energy recovery and electrical energy transformation,
  • Design, production and assembly of advanced electronic circuits and boards,
  • High-frequency analog electronics for fast communications,
  • Attractiveness and awareness of micro-nanoelectronics on shared platforms.