Renatech CNRS thesis prize for Idriss Abid, former IEMN PhD student

The Renatech prize is awarded for outstanding work in the field of micro-nanotechnologies carried out in the context of a doctoral thesis.

Idriss Abid was awarded the Renatech 2021 prize for his thesis work on « New electronic components based on AlN material for future power applications ». He presented his technological results at the C’Nano Day last November.

See the tweet announcing the award

As a PhD student at IEMN, he worked on his thesis under the supervision of Farid Medjdoub, who is in charge of the WIND (Wide Bandgap Devices) group. Idriss’s work allowed, among other things, the optimization of a localized etching technique of the silicon substrate on GaN-based power transistors allowing to drastically increase their voltage resistance.

Idriss is now a postdoctoral fellow in the WIND group. He continues his research on this same theme in the framework of a large European project called YesVGaN. This project aims at developing new vertical GaN transistors on silicon substrate based on the technological brick developed in his thesis.