Initiated by Flavie Braud & Frédéric Lefebvre, this project was initially intended to present a series of portraits of women in the unit, from the dual perspective of the laboratory’s 30th anniversary and gender equality at IEMN.

The project evolved at the first meeting of the 30-year committee, with the intervention of a participant who kindly retorted that there were men in the unit too, and that we could feature people of both sexes. A new poster model was therefore validated, with crossed portraits (one woman and one man of similar level per poster). This time, new observations were made, pointing out that male/female cross-portraits on the same poster could make a “couple”. We therefore decided to rethink the project in the final version you see today, with ten posters: 4 IT and BIATSS (two men and two women), 3 Researchers and Teaching Researchers (one man and two women) and 3 PhD students (one man and two women).

The interviews have been transcribed for display at IEMN’s 30th anniversary event at Lille Grand Palais and publication on our web and social media.

However, other portraits will be added to this exhibition on a regular basis, to keep the subject of gender equality alive and target other sites and professions…

Download here the pdf of the portrait exhibition