Club EEA’s Electronics section awards its thesis prize to Kathia Harrouche

The Club EEA’s Electronics section awards its 2023 thesis prize to : Kathia Harrouche, for her thesis « Design and fabrication of GaN-based millimeter-wave field effect transistors », under the supervision of Farid Medjdoub of IEMN.

The award ceremony took place at the Club EEA congress on June 22 and 23, 2023. This thesis prize, awarded from among a number of top-quality entries, recognizes applied research work that responds to major current issues. Indeed, this work proposes innovative solutions that can be implemented to resolve critical limitations of GaN-based transistors operating at very high frequencies (> 40 GHz), paving the way for unprecedented performance in the millimeter-wave range.

Interestingly, the technology developed is currently being transferred to industry through a European project. A fabrication process shared with the Franco-German foundry UMS has been developed within the IEMN’s advanced platforms, enabling the generation of integrated circuits representative of the targeted applications based on this new technology.