Interview of Michaël Baudoin in the monthly magazine Sciences et AvenirLa Recherche
(n°900, février 2022)

Michaël Baudoin, professor at the University of Lille and researcher at IEMN in the AIMAN-FILMS group (Impulsive Acoustics & Nonlinear Magnetoacoustics – Fluids, Liquid Interfaces & Micro-systems) was interviewed in an article of Sciences et Avenir – La Recherche, on the use of acoustic waves in the levitation of objects.

Link to the article « Les ondes sonores font léviter les objets »

Extract from « Sound waves make objects levitate », Arnaud Devillard, Sciences et AvenirLa Recherche n°900, February 2022

Arnaud Devillard, its author, addresses the fascinating subject of making an object move without touching it: « Handling an object without touching it: this is the promise of acoustic waves that create a vertical thrust capable of counteracting gravity. A fascinating feat achieved in the laboratory that opens the way to non-contact surgery to move, for example, kidney stones without surgery […] » (excerpt from the article)

The principle of levitation, known since the 1930s, is evolving with the growing role of miniaturization which, as Michaël Baudoin explains, « leads to standing waves at much smaller scales. »

Michael’s team previously published work on « Acoustic vortices to manipulate and organize individual cells », in Nature Communications in 2020.