Seminar : Industrial Robotics at Nanoscale

Professor Sergej Fatikow
university of Oldenburg (AMIR group)

18 MAI 2018 at 11h00
IEMN amphithéâtre – Villeneuve d’Ascq

Abstract :

Current research activities in AMiR focus on the industrial microrobotics and nanoscale automation. The areas of research include nanohandling robots and systems; automated nanohandling methods; robot control methods for nanopositioning; fast vision feedback at nanoscale, etc. Prof. Fatikow introduces this rapidly developing research field, the motivation, the key research problems and industrial applications. He addresses the current work on an automated microrobot cell inside a scanning electron microscope (SEM). The latter serves as a powerful vision sensor and the work space for nanohandling robots equipped with application-specific tools. Major components – the piezo-driven nanohandling robots, the robot control system, the fast vision feedback – are discussed. Finally, current research projects in AMiR and related industrial applications are outlined. They include automated assembly of nanophotonic structures, nano-robotic handling of graphene, automated characterization of nanomaterials, and others.