Conference : “International Workshop on Sound-enabled Nanotechnologies » (IWSENT)

The European projects SAWtrain and Phenomen

November 26-29th 2018

Valencia (Spain)

Abstract :

IWSENT is a joint effort by the European-funded projects SAWtrain and PHENOMEN aiming at gathering leading scientists from all over the world working in the emerging field of high frequency vibrations in semiconductor and related materials, with special focus on surface acoustic waves (SAWs), opto-mechanics, high-frequency phonons, and their applications. The dynamic modulation of semiconductor structures by high frequency vibrations provides a powerful tool for the control of the materials properties required for novel functionalities in nanophotonics, nanoelectronics, and quantum information processing. Of special interest are SAWs: these vibrations with GHz frequencies and micrometer-size wavelengths can be generated on a semiconductor chip with standard integrated circuit technology. The combination of SAWs with nanostructures has developed into new interdisciplinary fields ranging from the control of chemical reactions to advanced acousto-optical structures and to GHz quantum acoustics. Moreover, the potential of combined phononics, photonics and radio-frequency (RF) electronic signals allows one to lay the foundations of a new information technology. In particular, the controlled propagation of phonons could lead to low power components, with phonons as information tokens, by themselves or coupled to photons.

IWSENT constitutes an excellent opportunity to start the discussion on phonon-based circuits as well as SAW-based technologies, seeking to explore synergies and to boost the research in the field in the near future.