WAVELY wins the BPI France deeptech development grant (ADD)

Wavely is a start-up that aims to accelerate and automate sound source recognition solutions for all its customers’ use cases. It is a BPI France Deeptech Development Grant (ADD) winner.

The Deeptech plan, created in 2019 by BPI France, consists of supporting the growth of start-ups with disruptive innovation projects linked to academic research and strengthening their competitiveness. Winning companies receive support for the development of solutions with concrete prospects for industrialization and marketing.

Wavely has so far developed around collaborations with major accounts (TotalEnergies, Bouygues Constructions, EDF) which have resulted in real-time sound event recognition solutions such as gas leak detection. These projects have been carried out over relatively long periods of time, with each time a real problem around the constitution of an annotated database to allow the training of machine learning models. Wavely wants to continue its technical developments to offer its customers a fully automated software suite for building annotated databases and training machine learning models.

The objective of the 3-year Deep Tech program is to validate an approach that combines unsupervised and supervised learning with the development of several software tools to increase the speed of development of robust models for sound source and anomaly recognition. This will allow Wavely to apply its technologies to the monitoring of a much larger set of sound sources, and thus address all customer issues where the acoustic modality can be used.

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