Assessment of the ANR projects labelled in 2021

The 2021 Call for Projects campaign of the French National Research Agency has just ended with the announcement of the funded projects. This is an opportunity for the laboratory to make a quantitative assessment and to draw up a partial panorama of its scientific activity.
The IEMN is involved in 18 generic ANR projects (of which 6 as project leader), excluding international projects. This year, the projects concern the following fields and subjects :

Sensors and circuits

  • Design of bio-inspired acoustic sensors (cochlea) for in-situ monitoring of the marine environment
  • Development of miniaturised multi-parameter surface acoustic wave sensor technologies for the implementation of the digital twin of electrical machines.
  • Reconfigurable antenna arrays based on metasurfaces for the future generation of Extremely High Frequency systems.
  • Design of a neuromorphic circuit capable of waking up a node in an Internet of Things network.

Advanced materials for electronics

  • Planar core-shell nanowires with strong spin-orbit coupling for mesoscopic integrated devices.
  • Dynamic phase transition in Mott insulators for the development of neuromorphic components.
  • Modular molecular wires with quantum interference for thermoelectric applications.
  • Plasmonic molecular rectennas for converting light into electricity.
  • Electrochemically controlled charge and spin transport in 2D materials

Biomaterials and their applications

  • Biological depolymerisation of lignin and applications in sensors.
  • Dynamics of DNA repair proteins in the nucleosome.
  • New methodology based on molecular programs for ultra-high throughput screening and self-selection of biomass degrading enzymes.

(Opto-)electronic components

  • Miniaturisable tunnel diodes based on 2D materials.
  • Broadband infrared semiconductor modulators.

Wave engineering

  • Original technique for microstructure inspection based on the correlation of diffuse acoustic waves.
  • Development of new generations of spin-based THz emitters for ultra-wideband THz nanospectroscopy.
  • Polymer membrane for thermal comfort management in textiles.


  • Study of the impact of submillimetre liquid micro-jets hitting a surface.