anode_ fig11_micrometer

Fig. 11 : On-wafer micrometer pitch probing set-up

anode_ fig10

Fig. 10 : Electrical response of the artificial neuron (green) to pulse current excitation (yellow)

anode_ fig9

Fig. 9 : Artificial neuron circuit using TSMC 65nm CMOS technology

anode_ fig8_tunnel

Fig. 8 : Tunnel FET InAs/AlGaSb

anode_ fig7

Fig. 7 : GaSb I-MOSFET

anode_ fig6_electron_microscopic

Fig. 6 : Electron microscopic image of a cross-section of an InAs UTB MOSFET. InAs zones were made by localized selective MBE.

anode_ fig5_thermionic_diode

Fig. 5 : AlGaInAs thermionic diode on InP substrate