Sujet de thèse :
« Characterization and modeling of GaN devices dedicated to power electronics for the design of converters »

Device Under Test on pulsed bench

Possible power applications for GaN technology

The constant growth in electric consumption leads to significant advances in power conversion. Recent studies have shown that the use of Gallium Nitride (GaN) as a technological building bloc enables the development of converters operating at high frequency with reduced volume and weight. Therefore, characterization of GaN power devices is required to provide accurate models over a wide frequency range in order to design new generations of converters. A model of GaN based power transistors (HEMT) has been developed. Meanwhile, the demand concerning GaN diodes is increasing, pushing forward the need of a dedicated electric model.

Thereby, my role as a PhD student is to develop, through S-parameters, current-voltage and current-collapse measurements, an innovative modelling method for GaN power diodes.