« Development of a fully integrated characterization bench at 160 GHz »

Power detectors are the key blocks to establish the power measurement. Therefore, they are considered among the most important circuits in many microwave and millimeter wave applications (such as communication systems, medical equipments, radar systems, etc.). In this context, we developed several novel topologies of integrated power detectors in the technology BiCMOS 55-nm from STMicroelectronics such as: Frequency compensated detector, where the response of the detector is stabilized for broadband frequency (140 – 220) GHz. Temperature compensated detector at 42 GHz, where the response of the detector is stabilized in the temperature range (20 – 100) °C. Adjustable (tunable) detector at 42 GHz, where the parameters of this detector can be configured in order to fit the application requirements.In addition, we currently develop several integrated circuits at 160 GHz (frequency doubler, power and phase detector, low noise amplifier) in order to develop an integrated (on-chip) characterization bench, which has the benefit of lower noise floor and losses as compared to off-chip characterization bench.