Seminary : Flagship IEMN « Neuromorphic Technologies »

Half Day Workshop

November 06th 2018, 14H30 – 17H30 LCI Theater
Amphitheater – IEMN
Faculté des Sciences et Technologies de Lille – Avenue Poincaré, Villeneuve d’Ascq

This half day WS aims to present and share IEMN research activities in relation with neuromorphic technologies in the frame of the flagship project. In particular, the WS will provide IEMN members with:

–  an exhaustive vision of the multiple activities carried out within the laboratory through various approaches on neuromorphic thematic

–  the opportunity to identify possible convergences, for the scientific activity itself

The program schedule is :

Talks (Including questions) – LCI theather

  • 14H30 – 15H00 : Alain Cappy (Anode / CSAM)
  • 15H00 – 15H30 : Antoine Frappé  (Microelectronic Silicium)
  • 15H30 – 16h00 : Yannick Coffinier (Biomems)
  • 16H00 – 16H30 : Fabien Alibart (NCM)
  • 16H30 – 17H30 : Round table / discussion

Contacts :
Christophe Loyez –
François Danneville –