A l’IEMN , en salle du conseil le Jeudi 8 Mars 2017 à partir de 9h15
UMI 3288 CINTRA, CNRS – NTU Singapore – Thales : Research activities and recent achievements
P. Coquet, Univ. of Lille – Director of CINTRA, B.K. Tay, NTU Singapore – Deputy Director, Q. Dinh, Thales Singapore – Deputy Director, D. Birowosuto.
CINTRA UMI 3288 is a joint laboratory between CNRS, Nanyang Technological University and Thales Group. It is located in Singapore and is developing research activities on Nano-electronics and Nano-photonics technologies. http://cintra.ntu.edu.sg/Pages/default.aspx
IEMN is one of the historical partners of CINTRA and there are several on-going projects between IEMN and CINTRA. The objective of the presentation will be to give an overview of the recent activities developed in CINTRA with the perspective of initiating new joint projects.

The 3 research thrusts of CINTRA will be detailed.
  • Carbon based Materials and Devices: Carbon nanotubes, graphene, BN, foam like materials, with applications in RF, 3D integration, thermal management, energy storage 
  • New Nano-materials and Structures: 2D TMD, nanowires, defect induce emitters, with applications in nano light sources, quantum sensing, gas sensing, radiation detection, energy harvesting
  • Nano-photonics Technologies: nanostructured optical fibers, III-V