The IEMN recently acquired a high performance RIBE (Reactive Ion Beam Etching) reactor (installation: July 2016). This rector is equipped with a SIMS analyzer for ensuring precise control of the etching processes and has 6 gas lines that will allow us to work with a wide range of materials. It covers a significant range of IEMN R&D activity that consists in the design and fabrication of III-V- and Si- based circuits and devices. It enables the etching of metals and very hard materials and is a very suitable technique for shallow etching (< 100 nm), that is widely used for III-V HBT fabrication. Moreover, the IEMN currently develops a new and very promising activity on the realization of nanostructured ferromagnetic devices based on FeCo, TbCo, MgO and other alloys. The Reactive Ion Beam Etching process is the most suitable method for etching such materials. Another intersting area to be explored is the realization of blazed structures for Bragg gratings.