European Campus Northern France (ECNF)

The European Campus Northern France (ECNF) was initiated through M. Pavlidis’s efforts and assisted by M. T. Lasri with the aim of establishing a truly international research and teaching environment. It refers to a synergetic educational and research approach between the IEMN and its partner institutions (CNRS, ECL, UVHC, ISEN) and top US and European Universities such as Georgia Tech, University of Michigan, University of California, Irvine, Technische Universitä Darmstadt. Students attending ECNF will be able to pursue graduate studies in electrical engineering by following courses and gaining research experience from the affiliated institutions. They will spend part of their time at ECNF attending courses offered by European and US Faculty at the Campus and in some cases through the Internet. They will also attend courses in the US and in partner European Universities. The establishment of ECNF’s major international partnership with the Georgia Institute of Technology has been finalized through formal agreements. Cooperative research projects, as well as teaching cycles leading to double Masters and Ph.D. double degrees from Georgia Tech and USTL, have been defined and introductory sessions for students on the options offered were organized jointly by Georgia Tech and IEMN/USTL.
Other efforts include the IEMN/USTL and the University of Michigan agreement to have a senior level course (Introduction to MEMS developed in Michigan offered as part of the Masters on Micro and Nanotechnology (MNT).
The course’s popularity is now well recognized as shown by the number of students taking it, which increased from 5 to 35 in the last four years. The course is offered through the Internet under the supervision of M. Steve Arscott.