We have an electronics workshop with rapid prototyping equipment to produce multilayer test circuits with plated holes to validate new advanced prototypes.

Highlights Achievements : For the production of printed circuits, it consists of : 

Mechanical engraver for the realization of high frequency circuit boards

• Autodesk Eagle and Fusion 360 • Schematic with Electrical Rule Check • Board with Design Rule Check • ECAD-MCAD co-design process • PCB Design Package TINA • LPKF PCB ProtoMat H100 fully Automated – Mat. Size 400×360 mm – Resolution 0.25μm – Minimum isolation 0.1mm – Minimum width 0.1mm – Minimum hole diameter 0.15 mm – Automatic 30 position tool changer – Optical fiducial recognition • LPKF Multipress-II (multi-Layer) – Up to 6 layers • LPKF MiniContact RS – Holes Metallization • Semi-automatic station for SMD assembly • SMD soldering by reflow furnace • Manual welding station for components • Microscope • Packaging • 3D Printing