This platform is totally complementary to the IEMN characterization center because it is dedicated to the generation and analysis of complex signals for the validation of new telecommunication system concepts.

It gathers important means for the temporal and frequency characterization of innovative analog, digital or mixed devices and systems up to millimeter range (<110 Ghz).

It includes software-hardware interface development boards to host the physical layer, to manage the MAC (Medium Access Control) sub-layer that can be reconfigured according to the protocols developed at IEMN, the communication middleware and the routing algorithms.

It is also equipped with rapid prototyping equipment to validate new concepts and devices.

This platform includes a large pool of state-of-the-art scientific equipment with a total value of approximately 1.5 M€.


This Telecom platform is managed by an engineer, an assistant engineer and a technician. It is the basic research tool on the experimental level for about 10 researchers, teacher-researchers and 10 PhD students.

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