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The surface analysis system (Electron Spectroscopy for Chemical Analysis) is connected under ultra-high vacuum to the 2 molecular beam epitaxy racks and to an airlock allowing the analysis of all types of samples. The base is a Physical Electronics type 5600 system mechanically modified by Sinvaco to ensure compatibility with 3 inch MBE molyblocks. It is equipped with :

  • a manipulator allowing the 3 translations and 2 rotations (polar and azimuthal)
  • a hemispherical analyzer with a 150 mm radiusESCA
  • of a standard X-ray source with a Dual anode Al(1487eV)/Mg(1254 eV)
  • of a monochromatized X-ray source Al (1487 eV)
  • an electron gun with a maximum energy of 8 keV and a spot size of about 20 mm
  • an ionic sputtering gun with a maximum energy of 5 keV
  • a source of UV HeI rays (21.2 eV)
  • an electronic neutralisation gun for the analysis of insulators
  • a low energy electron diffractometer (LEED)

In X-ray induced electron spectroscopy (XPS), the ultimate resolution of the system measured as the width at half height of the Ag 3d5/2 line is 0.45 eV.

Spectroscopie dispersive en énergie

Contact : Christophe BOYAVAL

Système EDS Xflash 4010 BrukerQUANTAX 200

Type SDD (Silicon Drift Detector)


  • Résolution du Mn Ka à 127 eV  de 0 à 100 000 cps

QUANTAX 200      Analyse chimique élémentaireSystème EDS Xflash 4010 Bruker

  • Qualitative
  • Quantitative
  • Mapping