Eugène Constant, a great scientist, has just left us. The work of Michaël Baudoin and his team on the use of acoustic vortices published in the journal Nature Communication The CorDial-S project, coordinated by Sabine Szunerits and in interaction with David Devos from Lille University Hospital, winner of the European Commission Emergency Funding Action to fight against the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus "Acoustic waves to slide liquids on a surface": a device developed by researchers at IEMN, a project led by Michaël Baudoin We are talking about the IEMN, Guillaume Ducournau and Terahertz waves right now in the press! Join us ... Job offer: OPEN PhD POSITION - Development of robotic on-wafer probing station based on piezo-driven linear and rotation positioning stages for high frequency nanoelectronics metrology Job posting: Postdoc in developing NEMS / MEMS hybrid microwave device Job offer: Assistant engineer in instrumentation and experimental techniques M / F Save the date ... Thesis Ángel de Dios Gonzales Santos - Ultra-low power continuous-time digital signal processing circuits in 28nm FDSOI technology for audio applications 3rd annual international workshop of the French IEEE Sensors Council Chapter, carried out in collaboration with the France IEEE Instrumentation & Measurement Chapter - École Centrale de Lille JNTE - National ThermoElectricity Days 2020 edition - IEMN

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