Doctoral studies at IEMN

The IEMN is attached to the Doctoral School Engineering and Systems Sciences (ENGSYS-632), from the University of Lille, in the field of "Micro and Nanotechnologies, Acoustics and Telecommunications" (MNTAT).

Director of Doctoral Studies for the field

Doctoral School website

In addition to the training courses offered by the Doctoral School, the laboratory has set up several initiatives for the animation and promotion of doctoral studies :

A Doctoral Student Day (see the PowerPoint of the 2020 day)
Each new academic year, we hold an IEMN-DOC day for the integration of new PhD students.

Meeting and exchanges between doctoral students
Poster session 2nd year PhD students present their 1st year work
Visit of the laboratory by 3rd year PhD students

The Journées Nationales du Réseau Doctoral en Micro-Nanoélectronique allow young researchers to present their work (Program of the 21st edition in Montpellier).
Annual event organized by the doctoral students themselves

The IEMN Practical Guide new entrants

Please note!

A number of PhD students share their time between the lab, an engineering school or and one of IEMN's many industrial partners (STMicroelectronics, THALES...) or are involved in startups.

Seminars covering the whole spectrum of studies conducted at the IEMN are regularly organized. They can be given by specialists from outside the laboratory.

The Journée STARTDOC2020, organisée par le Doctoral College.
This day is for 1st year PhD students.