A unique research centre in Micro and Nanotechnologies

IEMN gathers in a single structure the essence of regional research in a vast scientific domain, going from nanosciences to instrumentation.

Our mission today is bringing together researchers with different backgrounds and motivations, to build up a know-how encompassing all aspects of research, from fundamental physics to applications. Towards this goal, nearly 500 people are working together at IEMN, among which a hundred international researchers.

The core of our research activity is focused on micro and nanotechnologies and their applications in the fields of information-technology, communications, transport and health. To accomplish their work our researchers have access to exceptional experimental facilities, including a 1600m2 clean-room and state-of-the art scientific instrumentation at the best European level.

Our scientific policy is not only research-driven, but is also devoted to the establishment of a privileged partnership with a limited number of industrial leaders, and to promote national and regional SMEs, including IEMN spinoffs.

Thanks to the dynamism of its personnel, the quality of its equipment and its numerous collaborations with academic and industrial partners, IEMN will continue to play a major role in the fields of micro and nanotechnologies and their applications.

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