The team

A technical staff (Open Lab Team – OLT) has been especially created in order to welcome these projects. The OLT is composed of three research engineers (2 full time process engineers and one half time scientific and administrative director) acting as the interface between internal technological tools and external academic laboratories.


Technical Director of IEMN (Eng.)

03 20 19 78 54

Karine BLARY (Eng.)

03 20 19 79 86

Isabelle ROCH-JEUNE (Eng.)

03 20 19 79 86


To submit

To access to the technological center, a downloadable form allows to submit a project and to specify the nature of the request.

Clic here to download the documentThe external project evaluation is performed by ‘ad hoc’ commission constituted by research scientists and engineers from IEMN.

The decision of whether an external project is eligible for the achievement or not is based on several factors: first the technological feasibility according to the availability of processes and equipments, the involvement of the ‘customer’ in the project, the scientific quality and lastly the lack of possible conflict with any IEMN team.  .



The OLT research engineers drive and achieve external technological processes in the IEMN clean room with the support of technical staff. For large project needed significant process development, an involvement from the external laboratory in term of personnel (scientist, student, engineer) is required to participate in the technological work. During the project, a financial contribution is provided by the ‘customer’ laboratory to cover the different process costs.