Technological plateform

Since 2003, the IEMN belongs to the National Network of Large Technological Facilities for Basic Technological Research (BTR).

An aim of this network, launched by the Research Ministery, the CNRS and the CEA, is to support the whole french academic research by making technological facilities and skills in micro and nanotechnology available to the research projects of the other external public laboratories.


This network is composed of 6 large technological centrales in micro and nanotechnology of the CNRS and the CEA : IEF (Orsay), IEMN (Lille), LAAS (Toulouse), LPN (Marcoussis), FEMTO-ST (Besan̤on), PTA in the CEA РLETI.

Contacts :

Jean-Luc LORRIAUX, IEMN’ Technical Director
Karine BLARY