The Research activities of this domain of research involve advanced devices in the fields of Micro and Nanoelectronics, Optoelectronics and Photonics. Up to now, the technological limitations are not completely achieved in terms of dimension, materials, device architectures and hetero-integration. This domain of research is going to change while electronic, electromagnetic, photonic, chemistry and biology sciences are coming together to create new advancements. These works are strongly oriented towards the medium and long term and are in agreement with the national and European strategic and economic criteria. Indeed, these Research Topics are supported by the national research networks (ANR PNANO, TELECOM….) and the main European projects (FP6&7), ESA….).

For the micro- and nano-electronics part, the main objectives concern the fabrication of advanced nano-electronic and molecular devices as well as the improvement of the frequency limitations toward THz in the field of low noise (detection, amplification…), power (generation, amplification…..) applications. The studies look at the optimization of the technological processes, the physical and electrical (DC and high frequency) simultations and characterizations. The studies are strongly devoted to III-V devices, some specifics works are carried out on alternative Silicon technology. In this field of the micro- and the nano-technologies, significant advances, recognized at the international level, were obtained on artificial materials (metamaterial) and their applicationations in microwaves, sub-mm wave and photonic. The two main technological approaches (e.g.’Top-dow’ and ‘Bottom-up’) are carried out. For the Bottom-up approach, we fabricate high frequency transistors based on the assembly of carbon nanotubes on silicon ; or still, the growth of silicon thin film or nanowire into nanometer dielectric cavity.

For the Optoelectronics, our main activity is oriented towards classical functions : photodetectors, switches, lasers, and new functions : opto-microwave transducers and summators, with optical telecommunication wavelengths, searching high speed, low noise, low consumption, low losses, …, depending on the application. We also extend the wavelengths to Far Infrared by studying quantum cascade lasers and photo mixing in ultra high speed photo detectors as well as in the X-UV field using wide bandgap semiconductors. All these areas will take advantage from micro-waveguides, photonic crystals and metamaterial based nanophotonics ; particularly for the integration capability and the efficiency of such devices. A research operation was also introduced on the optoelectronic generation of terahertz frequencies (THz). The approach is based on ultra-fast photodetectors associated to integrated antenna. Techniques of characterizations in time and frequency domains are also developped in this THz range.