The IEMN activities in the field of acoustics concern more particularly active materials, ultrasound techniques and associated signal processing. The research is based on the competences and the know-how accumulated for more than 30 years in the field of ultrasound and their interaction with matter, but also on the multi-disciplinary resources which make the richness of the IEMN, and on its important technological potential. These last two points offer a particularly favourable background for new orientations of work in ultrasound which IEMN seeks to exploit particularly. Work completed covers the upstreams aspects of fundamental research in acoustics, technological innovations on the level of components and systems, and also R & D developments corresponding to industrial needs. The tackled subjects relate to the development of new approaches, innovating systems of phase conjugation, signal processing techniques for integrated health control of materials, NDT, arrays of transducers, characterization of bulk complex mediums or thin films, development of active piezoelectric or magnetostrictive materials and films, development of acousto-electronic components (sensors, radio frequency filters), functional electronics, and Microsystems (PMUT transducers, micro-actuators, flying, Microsystems…).