IEMN scientific activity which covers a large domain going from the physics of materials and nanostructures to instrumentation can be divided into five major scientific domains.

Our research policy aims to maintain certain equilibrium between:

  • Long term research corresponding to about 30 % of the activity aiming to identify, understand and analyze new phenomena or new behaviours which could be used in the electronic and optoelectronic components and devices in more than ten years
  • Medium term research corresponding to about 50 % of the activity. By working in close relation with national and international large companies, development of high performance components and devices and even systems helping the companies to maintain a favourable position in the international market in the next five-ten years.
  • Short term research, about 20 % of the activity. Fabrication of prototypes for applications in less than five years in domains of telecommunications, health, food testing and transport. Transfer to regional SMEs and IEMN start-ups.