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This platform provides large facilities for temporal, frequential, vectorial analysis and characterisation of innovative analog or digital communication sub-systems and systems up to 110 GHz. It is fully complementary to the characterization platform which deals with device and circuit characterisation while the telecom platform aims at the generation and analysis of complex signals (UWB, OFDM, CDMA, QAM, …) to demonstrate new concepts for wireless communication links including radio channel sounding. In addition, it includes a hardware-software interface sub-platform which enables the implementation of communication middleware and routing algorithms together with the programming of reconfigurable MAC layers thanks to advanced development tools. It also includes a smart station for the fast realization of prototypes to validate new concepts in circuits and antennas.



This platform is managed by one engineer, one assistant engineer, one technician who can offer their expertise to young researchers from the IEMN or external laboratories for complex experimental work.

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Rédha KASSI :

Engineer in electronics

Christian BEGUE :

Assistant Engineer in electronics

Bernard VERBEKE :

Technician in electronics